Olivia Booyse


For South African artist Olivia Booyse (booyseolivia@gmail.com), there is no subject that is beyond her extraordinary capabilities. She is equally proficient in creating abstract collage designs of full standing figures, buildings, portraits, and Landscapes.

This abstract artist is in her final year of studying Visual Communication at Vega, School of Brand Leadership. She demonstrates artistic prowess beyond her years. She is also an expert in drawing and painting, and does freelance work. 

Olivia’s collage designs are designed digitally. She aims to emotionally support her viewers and fans through her work. “ I want them to feel something, I want them to feel loved, and that they truly are good enough!” She explores the meaning of our existence and our purpose in life as individuals through her designs. This is particularly apparent in one of her designs “Apportionment”, where she challenges her viewers to share with others. She truly believes that by sharing, we can heal. 

She is mostly inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. 

“I admire her for her talent, but also for the passion that she conveys in all her work. The way in which she painted and lived her life was done without seeking approval from others. She did what she wanted, dressed how she liked, and dated whomever without regard for societal norms. This is what truly inspires me.”



Email Address: booyseolivia@gmail.com

Instagram: @oliveadesign