Oliver Ibáñez


Born in 1983, Oliver Ibáñez is a freelance graphic designer from Benidorm, Spain. As a teenager, he was attracted for audiovisuals, drawing and digital arts. Nowadays, Oliver is a beloved husband and father who works mainly as a graphic designer in the fashion and merchandising industry. 

Oliver initially obtained a qualification as a Senior Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in 2007 and went on to complete further studies in Visual Arts in 2012.  

In 2013 he became a freelance graphic designer after launching his own brand and creative practice, Olipop Art & Design. Olipop Art & Design is a multi disciplinary design practice that focuses largely on producing graphics for the merchandising and fashion industries. Olipop is highly focused on trend forecasting to ensure their designs are on trend and satisfy the market demands of their stockists. Oliver’s practice has gained international recognition in the fashion industry with many of his designs being published and sold by major fashion merchandising companies such as Ript Apparel, Tee Fury, Qwertee and many more. Ollipop currently sells to more than 10 international online stores. 

Oliver’s finds inspiration for his designs in popular culture frequently referencing movies, television series, video games and comics though out his work. Oliver is also inspired by his piers and other influential designers working in the same space such as Naolito, Medusa Dollmaker, Ddjvigo, Zerobriant, Adho1982, Harebrained, BeastPop, Letter-Q, RebelArt, Walmazan and more.


Website: olipopart.com
Email: olipopart@gmail.com
Instagram: @olipopart
Facebook: /olipopart
Twitter: @OliPopArt