Oliver Davies


Oliver Davies is a British designer (b.Newport, Wales 1981) whose work ranges from fine art and illustration to branding and editorial.

Underlying all his work is a desire to challenge perceptions, and search for alternate meanings, which leads him to look for and to emphasise the playfulness of his subjects. 

His multidisciplinary background allows him to experiment with both digital techniques and physical materials in the execution of a brief.

Oliver graduated from Nottingham Trent University (2004) with a degree in design. He was a senior graphic designer for Freestyle Magazine: ‘for creative people who like to play’ (2009-2013), and has also enjoyed a successful freelance career. Along with illustration, he has been commissioned to produce sculptures and physical models of his designs. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and he currently lives and works in London.



Email Address: oliver@peteroliverdavies.com

Website: peteroliverdavies.com

Twitter: @dopepod

Instagram: @p_ollie_d