Olimpia Wong


I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the California College of Arts & Crafts (now known as California College
of the Arts).

After ten years working as full-time designer in Hong Kong, I moved to Toronto in 1990, where I began freelancing and discovered painting was what I meant to do all along.

In 1995, I relocated back to Hong Kong and I was freelancing as an illustrator, working on projects mostly for corporate clients and providing calligraphy service for luxury brands.

My watercolour and calligraphy techniques are self-taught. I started with a box of colours and brushes , nibs and pens,  and I just played with them and learned along the way, with help of reference books and work of other artists as inspirations.

In the recent years, I am focusing more on my passion of painting flowers, fashion portraits, which I didn’t have chance to draw in the earlier years of my career.

I would hope that I could continue to explore and enjoy in this
wonderful journey.



Email Address: olimpia@olimpiawong.com

Website: olimpiawong.com

FACEBOOK: /olimpiawong 

Instagram: @calligraphyhk_olimpia