olga rom


Grodno based illustrator and textile designer, Olga Rom, graduated with a BA from Grodno State Medical University in 2012. I started off with an ambition to become a doctor but realised my skills were leading me somewhere else.

 I love to learn, and to find out something new. Drawing was always really important to me from a young age. Piece by piece it led me to design, from inky brush strokes and watercolor blobs to textile design. So I have been designing for a long time, but when I used to work only in the order, now simply create products and sell them online. Now I divide my time between freelancing at microstocks and medical career. 

My works are available on Shutterstock here:

I also have a tiny little shop I set up on Creative Market, selling some helpful things for designers in a hurry:



Email Address: darkvader401@gmail.com