Nicole Gibb


Adelaide (South Australia) based illustrator Nicole Gibb studied at the University of South Australia where she graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Illustration.

Demonstrating a strong talent from a very early age, Nicole knew that drawing and creating original art was going to be a big part of her life. Both of her parents are accomplished artists and have been an encouraging source of support to her interest.

Having a childlike and spontaneous approach to her designs, Nicole has been inspired by various illustrators such as Will Terry, Caia Coopman and Graham Base.

Nicole’s use of colour and design is harmonious and expressive in her work. She prefers to work digitally these days, but also has a passion for watercolour and colour pencil work. 

Nicole has undertaken various commissions in the past, and now aspires to work with clients on a larger scale, and is equipped with the skills necessary to benefit companies with any illustrative design requirements.



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FACEBOOK: @nikiinkadelaide 

Instagram: @nikiink

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