Nicolas Stark


Nicolas Stark is a Swiss-Columbian art director from Zürich. He’s produced numerous advertising campaigns, paintings, illustrations and logo designs. Whilst advertising is his main focus, he is also skilled in illustration, graphic design and painting – "anything that’s dope" he says. 

At an early age, he was attracted to rap and graffiti, which have held an influence over him ever since. "I found my way to digital illustration through black books sketches and graffiti. MODE 2 was, and still is, my hero when it comes to character design. The 3D work of DAIM awoke me up to the possibilities of 3D programs."

"Within my creative practice, I like to bring together unsuspecting graphic elements and imagery to create fresh and dynamic visual solutions."

A bilingual upbringing and yearly visits to South America offered a form of creative expansion for Nicolas. "I love everything about Latin graphic design, the shapes, the colours, the warmth of the hand drawn typefaces. It all resonates with me strongly and feeds into my work."

"I love illustration with a bold and clear message. I like when something seemingly superficially beautiful reveals a deeper meaning. When you’ve spent so many hours working on an illustration or artwork, you feel it should offer its audience something more than aesthetic pleasure, it should say something to them too."