Nanna Stech


Nanna Stech received formal training as a fashion designer whilst undertaking studies at the Kolding Design School, Denmark. Since completing her studies she has since gone on to become a professional fashion designer and illustrator.

“My creative process whilst working with fashion is playful, colourful, expressive and intuitive. All my pieces are designed with sustainability in mind. I employ these same values and processes in my illustrative practice. I like to draw roughly, experiment with colour combinations and exaggerated or skewed proportions. I find beauty in the imperfect. When illustrating I like to work on a large scale. It allows for free flowing, bold gestural movements of the arm that would be otherwise not possible. Sustainability is a major contributing factor in my work with fashion. I am constantly researching new sustainable materials and practices and how I can make the consumer more aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment.”


INSTAGRAM: @nannastech