Mina Ramzy


"I am fascinated with how much information and narrative can be communicated through the basic elements of line and colour. I often incorporate hidden messages in my work. Whether it is through scattered letters that form a secret sentence or via symbols, there is always more than what meets the eye. 

Becoming an illustrator was something that I never planned or expected, it all happened by pure coincidence! After my first year in university while studying graphic design, I discovered that I could branch out into illustration instead of continuing with graphic design. I thought I would give it a try for a year. I was enjoying it, but I realised I was the least talented one in my class. Then, one day my teacher saw me doodling with geometric shapes and,  said “Mina, why are you trying so hard to conform to traditional methods of illustration? These doodles have a unique style, so why don’t you focus your efforts on improving them and embrace what comes naturally to you?”. To-date, this has been the most valuable feedback I have received in regards to my work. I now trust and listen to my creative intuition."

- Mina Ramzy


Website: minaillustration.com
Email: mina_illustration@outlook.com
INSTAGRAM: mina_illustration@outlook.com