Milos Prokic


I am a twenty year old graphic designer/illustrator from Belgrade currently studying graphic design at the Faculty of Digital Arts. I started drawing when I was 3 years old, but the first time I wanted to make a career as an artist when I was fifteen years old. At that time, I drew caricatures and human figures.
My main inspiration were comics. While I was exploring different art techniques, I was accepted into art school, where I learned a lot about fine art. Antony Micallef and Francis Bacon were my favourite painters. At that time, I had several group exhibitions in local galleries. 

When I was 18 years old, I won the competition for a college scholarship at the Faculty of Digital Arts, which I am attending now. At the college, my work transitioned from traditional to digital media. My main goal today is to transfer my artistic experience and influences into the digital world. I use my spare time to create personal works that reflect me and my mood that day. I explore the world of vectors and try to find different ways of presenting forms. Those forms can be abstract or figurative, but the main thing is to keep exploring.  

I would like to continue working on these personal works and make contacts with some companies or individuals that would like to use them in a commercial context. Since I am a designer, I would enjoy creating custom pieces for posters, covers, etc. Also, I would like to participate in some art projects and to be present in the art scene. 



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Twitter: @_deepredfly_

Instagram: @deepredfly