Mik Muhlen


My name’s Mik, I live and work in Luxembourg. I graduated in Illustration from the AUCB (formerly AIB) in 2007. In 2009 I decided to start working under the moniker Omniscientbeing to satisfy my massive ego. This venture has led me to work as a graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer and art director on a variety of projects. 

My work references a lot of various themes, from mysticism and occultism to street art and subcultures. I have a lot of admiration for medieval paintings, especially anything related to vanities and memento mori, which is also a recurring theme in my
personal work.

I wouldn’t really say my illustration have a very definite style. I kind of prefer experimenting and trying out new ideas and techniques. Instead I try to find visual inspiration pretty much anywhere, but I’ll admit I have a soft spot for comic books and sci-fi in particular.


Website: omniscientbeing.com 
Email:  mik@omniscientbeing.com
Instagram: @omniscientbeing
Facebook: omniscientbeing
Twitter: @some_omniscient