Michelle Carlslund


“I’m a french-fries-loving, time-optimistic and eco-friendly poster maker and freelance illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark,” is what 28 year old illustrator Michelle Carlslund would say if she was to describe herself in one sentence. 

7 years ago when Michelle was still studying Graphic Design she tried taking her DIY printed illustrations to a design market and saw great success. A few shops started requesting to sell her work and at some point she thought that it might be a good idea to start a business. Slowly, more and more shops began to sell her illustrations and she got some freelance illustration commissions too. The sales grew and more commissions kept coming and one day Michelle was able to quit school and become a full time illustrator. Today her eco-friendly prints, frames, totes and cards can be bought in more than a hundred design and children’s stores around the world.

Besides selling her product range, Michelle has moved into practicing as a freelance illustrator in recent years. She works with a diverse range of brands and projects ranging from toys to kids clothing collections. This way of working allows Michelle to focus entirely on the creative part of the business, a focus she finds very rewarding.

“it is the best feeling to receive the first sample of a product I did illustrations for. I really appreciate all the work my partners put into production and feel so lucky that I get to see my work on so many different fun items”. 

Michelle is inspired by everything around her. Sometimes the ideas just land in her head out of the blue and other times a scroll through the world wide web gets her ideas flowing. Michelle’s illustrative universe is quite simple and naïve and you can recognise her illustrations by her soft pastel colour palette. And the eyes of her characters are almost always closed - a signature that really began because Michelle found it hard to draw just the right kind of eyes! Another significant thing for Michelle is not to be too pretentious in her work – one human quality she really treasures in other people is self-irony and she likes to have a twist of that in her work too.



Website: michellecarlslund.com
Email: hello@michellecarlslund.com
Instagram: @michellecarlslund
Facebook: Michelle Carlslund Illustration