Michael Fugoso


My name is Michael Fugoso and I am a designer and illustrator based out of San Diego, California. I currently create article illustrations for major publications such as Adweek and teach design at a local media school on the side. My creative work also branches out to UI/UX design as well as brand identity development, but really my focus is in creating custom illustration content using vector based programs. 

I am not a big art history person, so most of my inspiration comes from modern things I see around me, and a lot of experiences and interests that have stuck with me since childhood. I tend to create industrial and metallic-like pieces of work, although from time to time I like to mix things up with organic/nature-like pieces. I have an obvious obsession with robots, vintage cameras, and aerospace. 

My style of illustration can be described as a hybrid of minimal/flat design and skeuomorphism. I believe that if I can make my designs look the best they can be in their simplest forms, they would also look amazing in their hyper-realistic and detailed counterparts. That said, my process always starts with flat and minimal shapes, and then layers and layers of shadows and highlights on top of those shapes to create the skeuomorphic look. 

Digital vector based illustration is my medium of choice, not only because I can achieve the look I am going for, but also because of its functionality. Vector work can easily be small icons, logos, and even large high detailed illustration pieces. I am absolutely more of a designer than an artist, so functionality is something that is always on the back of my mind.  

I surround myself with the people I love and inspire me, and that itself is really all the motivation I need to push forward. Family comes first. Nothing is a bigger inspiration to me than my mother and father, followed by my two amazing brothers Paul and Frants. My best friends who I also consider family, Ivy, Cesar, Dan, Payton and Austin also provide the support and encouragement for me to do my best everyday.



Email Address: fugs@fugstrator.com

Website: fugstrator.com

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