Meloney Chester


Chester’s style is to a large extent influenced by film maker/artist Tim Burton. Chester also draws a lot of inspiration from her South African cultural background, which often influences her choice of subject matter as well as her over all stylistic expression. 

She enrolled at The Open Window Institute in 2011 to receive a formal education in the art of illustration. Her style is mostly based on using traditional mediums in combination with a digital approach and places emphasis on exploring interesting line work. Chester believes in the value of drawing in a journal on a daily basis, doodling and experimenting with different mediums to fully explore different approaches to illustration. Her love for reading and illustration has inspired her to create illustrations that are youthful and playful capturing a sense of adventure. 

She hopes to someday work in the field of Children’s book illustration. Through bright colours and exploring child like subject matter in her work, Chester aspires to bring excitement in children to read and to open their minds to new things.



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Instagram: @meloney.chester