Maybel Gallardo


Known to family and friends as a passionate artist since she was a child, Maybel Gallardo (known artistically as MatsuriG.) was originally born in Havana, Cuba. By age 5, she scribbled hand-drawn characters and illustrations on the backs of her storybooks that her grandma used to read to her. 

Nowadays she is a talented, contemporary digital artist and computer animator that emerged in the wake of the influence of comic artists and illustration masters Tite Kubo, Hayao Miyasaki, and Tim Burton. 

While living in United States, Maybel received her Associate Degree in Arts with honours from the Miami Dade College and her Bachelor Degree from the Miami International University of Art and Design, majoring in Computer Animation, where she excelled in the area of character design and concept arts.   

From early on she began to carry out works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for different companies in the United States and abroad, as well as teaching drawing to elementary school children. 

For Maybel, visual arts and music are inseparable, the two are personal expressions of careful observation and the artist’s intuitive and emotional responses to what she or he sees, hears, and experience. The emotion is like an infant that wants to be born, still in the womb, and music is the effort of his mother that brings him to the world. She believes art can heal, as well as enhances intelligence and develops sensitivity to the way we see and communicate to people, to nature, and to the relationship of light
and shadow.  



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