Maxwell Keesing


Inspired by many things, and many artists, including: Wes Wilson, Albrecht Durer, Katsuhiro Otomo, Ralph Bakshi and Paul Rand.

I take inspiration from Australian and New Zealand Indigenous art, as I am of New Zealand heritage and was born and raised in Australia. The free flowing nature of Indigenous art amazes me, and the approach of letting your feelings and emotions dictate what direction you will take a piece of art is a huge influence on my work.

Music also plays a big role in my work, I enjoy different styles of music and find that music is one of my biggest influences as well. I follow a lot of YouTube channels in England, including SBTV and Link up TV, as well as a lot of underground music from America, Australia and the rest of the world. I enjoy music that has unique and interesting composition and even enjoy the sounds of the classical organ!

These influences and interests help inspire me to keep my mind ticking over with new ideas and concepts, allowing me to think outside the box, while staying true to my style and myself and find worth in what I’m doing. 

From 2014 to 2016 I studied at Design Centre Enmore. My studies lead me to a deeper understanding of how the arts and design industry works, encouraging me to push myself and strive to reach a higher level of thinking and then to apply that to my own art & design projects. I found this environment helped open up new perspectives in how I approach my work and I learnt the value formal education with other artists and designers broaden my interest in learning new techniques. During and after my studies I have been working as a freelance designer. This has helped me find a balance to my sometimes overly creative tendencies. I have learnt to be more innovative while also keeping focus on what I am doing, whether I need to balance my work to fit with the client’s brief or find new approaches to doing projects that may pose a challenge. These are the things I thrive on and have helped me grow as a well-rounded artist and designer.

Philosophy is a big part of my art, even if it’s not a directly tangible thing, it will still show in the visual style of my work as an artist. Philosophy’s influence on my work is about guiding people to look beneath the surface and
expand the audience’s own minds thoughts and feelings. By touching the unknown spaces that exist inside all of us exposes thoughts that cannot be
so easily explained. 

My techniques are primarily based on gut feeling, and a natural expression. I want to make a direct as possible connection to a person whilst also exposing the bumps and turns that come with a creative experience. 



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