Maximilian Bouldan


Maximilian Bolduan German based Art Director. His work is best described
as a combination of various art styles, such as optical art, pop art,
minimalism and a hint of post expressionism. No matter the combination of styles in his work, he considers the story being told and mixing the movements for each piece. That is the core of the art. Through his work Maximilian aims to confuse the viewer, to irritate, and to challenge. When giving his work a chance the audience is pulled in and sees a more complex
story in each piece. 

Bolduan draws inspiration from various visual artists, such as Bridget Riley, Brandon Boyd, Lola Beltrán, Malika Favre and Shoshei Otomo. Bits and pieces of these artists can be seen in Bolduan’s own artwork. He considers art and creating art his greatest passion. His fascination with using art as an outlet stems from an early age, when he watched his father create expressionistic and minimalistic pieces and sculptures. This lead him to study graphic design and art direction at the Saxion Univerity of Applied Sciences, so that he may devote his life to creating concepts that inspire. 

Throughout his life Bolduan met numerous people from all over the world and formed various friendships with like minded artists. He has been part of big and small team all over the globe and worked on major clients. For more information about Maximilian Bolduan and a sample of his work, please visit his website or contact him through the channels listed below. 



Email Address:


Twitter: @maximilian288

Instagram: @Max28891