Masha Baur


Masha Baur is German artist born in 1984 in Russia. 

Masha studied graphic design at HS Augsburg, Germany, specialized in drawing and illustration (Prof. E. Gohl and Prof. Ch. Gailhofer).

From 2010 - 2013 Masha worked as graphic designer and illustrator at Cosmopolitan Magazine, Germany. Masha then went on to begin freelancing in 2013 as graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist and developed a long list of reputable clients such as Hurtigruten, Quirion Bank and Funke Zeitschriften.

From 2014 - 2015 Masha worked as an assistant at Munich’s contemporary artist Horst Thürheimer’s studio. 

In August 2016 Masha became a member of Munich Artists, participating in several artistic projects.


July - September 2005: Erste Farbe/First Color - group exhibition Petersberg, Germany.

August 2016: Permanent exhibition of acustuc pictures for a celebration hall in Erdweg, Germany.

November - December 2016: Year-End Exhibition in Kunst und Kultur, Aschau, Germany.



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Instagram: @m.baur_draws