Mark Boehly


Mark Boehly currently resides in Canby, Oregon, USA. 

Reptiles, insects, and odd 90’s era cartoons inspired him to start drawing at the age of eight. Mark spent three years exploring different fields in community college before he decided to pursue graphic design as his main career. This is where he developed his biomechanical illustration style, and also found a love for typography and web design.

After graduating from Portland State University in 2013, Mark started a freelance design studio called Graphicsbyte Creative Media, where he not only produces his futuristic designs, but also creates logos and websites for up and coming companies of all different types. 

Mark draws his artistic inspiration from his vivid imagination, such as contemplating life on other planets and how creatures would operate in worlds without the same periodic table. Effectively blending together organic and mechanical elements are what makes his artwork really stand out. Mark hopes to one day get his work into video games and movies. More of his work can be found at



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FACEBOOK: /GraphicsbyteCM/ 

Instagram: @graphicsbyte

Twitter: @GraphicsByte_CM