Marina Kanzian


Illustrator Marina Kanzian was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She obtained a Bachelor of Design from the University of São Paulo in 2011. Marina’s background in graphic design has been advantageous. Her versatile skillset allows Marina to not only develop illustrative assets, but to also see through the design of branding and collateral for a wide range of digital and print applications for an ever expanding list of reputable clients.

“I am experimental in my creative practice. Utilising both analogues and digital illustrative techniques such as collage and vector based illustration software I explore themes such as anxiety, feminism and nature. My influences come from Mid-Century graphic design and the work of artists such as: Cassandre, Charley Harper and the Brazilian illustrator J. Carlos. However, my ultimate source of inspiration is nature, a theme prevalent throughout the majority of my body of work”

Marina frequently collaborates with non-profit organisations. Her client base ranges from startups, all the way through to Vogue, Brazil and Claudia.

She currently lives in Germany and works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


INSTAGRAM: @marinakanzian