Marie-Christine Gervais 


Marie-Christine Gervais is a multi-disciplinary freelance designer and illustrator. She is French Canadian and currently lives in San Francisco, California. Marie-Christine’s career has a unique trajectory. Few years ago, she transitioned from attorney to designer and illustrator after receiving her bachelor degree in graphic design. Since then, she has been designing and illustrating unique characters, landscapes, sceneries and infographics for a variety of clients across the United States. 

She attributes her design skills to hard work and resilience, as well as her willingness to take risks and challenge herself. She fuels her creativity and inspiration from her natural curiosity in life and acute sense of observation. Her work is colorful and vibrant. It has a sense of geometrical simplicity fill with personality and life. She approaches each project with the same dedication and high standards, with the goal of providing a visual narrative that excite and engage.

She aspires to pursue her MFA in the next few years with the hope of achieving the same level of artistic abilities as some of the great designers and illustrators she admires and follows.



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