Maria Naydenova


Graphic designer and illustrator Maria Naydenova originally began her career as an interior designer, receiving a Bachelor of Interior Design from Glyndwr University. However, after graduating she unexpectedly began working as a graphic designer and in 2013 decided to expand upon her skillset and enrolled to Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) to commence her MA. Maria successfully graduated from AUB in 2014.
She presented a selection of ten ink artworks and one mural for her final project “Praeter Ipsum (Beyond Reality)”. 

With formal education in interior design, graphic design and web design, Maria has a vast and impressive skillset. She now aims to integrate her illustrations into her print and digital projects for both client and personal work.

Presently, Maria is best known for her works in sketchbooks, travel journals and fanzines. Maria is a member of the Pechka printing workshop and conducts intensive courses on the creation of fanzines and regularly hosts free drawing workshops.

Maria is constantly experimenting with new materials, methods and technologies to develop her illustrative style.


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