Malin Rosenqvist


I draw by hand partly because I appreciate the time it takes. While drawing, I have time to get new ideas about the illustration helping me to improve it. This way the image has time to develop. It makes the work exciting, fascinating. I enjoy the idea that my clear plan, my carefully worked out sketch, can grow and become something new. I like knowing that no-one else knows the long journey an illustration can be. Because the result looks finished. Done. An illustration. 

I live and work in Stockholm. I have studied at the Hochschule für Design & Kunst in Lucerne, Switzerland and at the Royal College of Art, Design & Craft in Stockholm, Sweden. Clients include Coop, PostNord, American Express, Boston Globe, Dwell, Jamie Mag, Weleda, and Double Day Books. 


Instagram: @rosenqvist_malin
Facebook: @rosenqvist.malin