Magdalena Ehul Ayerza


I’m Magdalena Ehul Ayerza, but everyone calls me “Male Ehul”. I’m a 29 year old artist based in Argentina. From a young age I studied different techniques related to art: I attended painting workshops in the city were I grew up, Chascomús, I also attended pottery, theater, dance, and photography classes. In 2012 when I finished college (I have a degree in Communication at Universidad Católica Argentina), I returned to my paintbrushes and studied with friends at their workshop: La Caja Verde.

Since returning to my love of painting I haven’t put my brushes down. My love for illustration has grown and I have found a place were I feel happy and content. My drawings are a visualisation of my devotion for women, their femininity and what they represent today in society, the values they convey, the respect towards them and their struggle. In a way that’s what they do, and that’s the message I want people to know me by. 



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