Maca Melendez


Hey! I’m Maca. A born-and-raised - rather loud and crazy about all aspects of design-  Colombian living in NZ, that aspires to be a top letterer and entrepreneur while having the occasional dance fight on a random Friday night. 

My motto in life has been, for as far as I can remember, that ‘it is in change that we find purpose’ (Heraclito); which probably explains the unexpected chain of events that have led the past ten years of my life. 

In 2007, while studying Industrial Design in Bogota, I decided to take a semester off University to spend five months in Chicago, working at a Six Flags (dressing up as your favourite Looney Tunes!) and enjoying summer. One month into my trip I met someone that, unknowingly at the time, changed my life for ever. His name is Pierre and he is South African. 

Upon returning home from that trip, and in just 18 months, I managed to spend two months in South Africa (wonder why?), nailed my graduation project (portable home for urban nomads), finished my degree and packed my bags to move to New Zealand to meet Pierre and check out what ‘living in the future’ (I didn’t say I was funny but I do try…) was like. 

Without experience nor a compelling portfolio, I couldn’t land a job as a designer anywhere. So, portfolio and CV under arm, I started pitching for jobs at any social gathering I was invited to, and managed to nail a part time job packing boxes in the warehouse of a global brand. 

Fast forward eight years, I am Product & Marketing Manager by day (at the same place that first hired me to pack boxes), entrepreneur by night – have recently started a business importing Colombian products to New Zealand – and all round
creative junkie!


Instagram: @maca.melendez