Lori Ors


Lori Ors is a colourful and whimsical illustrator, graphic designer and artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She loves creating, positivity, bright colours, rainbows, kitschy-ness, antiques and neon signs.

Born and raised a Georgia Peach, Lori received her BFA in Visual Communications in 2004. Since then, she has designed and illustrated for many wonderful clients, including Atlanta Magazine, Spanx, Inc., TAPS Paramagazine (Syfy’s Ghost Hunters’ magazine), Mosaic, FORE Georgia and many more. She was also named a winner in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 54 (Best Illustrations of the Year) for her piece “Particle Theory.” 

Her inspiration is any artist who sees the world in bright colours, like herself, a mixer-matcher, a free spirit with a unique eye.  Every artist inspires her, in one way or another. 

Her work process is one of creating a world that she, herself would love to live in, full of colour and whimsy. She brings her pieces to life by using a wide array of colours and tones, giving them a whimsical flair, using acrylic and mixed media techniques. 

She loves to inspire people through her work, believing art and creation has the power to heal, uplift and create joy, if even for a moment.



Website: brightmeetscleverinc.com
Email: lori@brightmeetsclever.com
Facebook: /brightmeetscleverinc