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Talitha Alysia Onggo (also known as Little Fluffy Rice) was born in 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a self-taught artist and decided to pursue product design to expand her knowledge on materials to help her explores creating art on different medium. She is graduated from Department of Product Design at Universitas Pelita Harapan in 2016. Currently, the artist lives and works in Jakarta. She will be in Japan starting April 2017 to pursue her studies.

Talitha has been painting females from the first time she could when she was a little kid. She finds painting an excellent way to express her own femininity. For her, it’s an endless exploration to explore a girl’s mind and figure, it makes her feel good to get to know herself better and get a sense of relief from her emotions after painting. Her works are heavily influenced by her emotions, especially sadness and happiness. For her, art helps her to share and convey her feelings to her audience.

She is always inspired by many objects in her surrounding, especially the cute and feminine ones. Her artworks are whimsical, decorative, cute and slightly creepy with her trademark big eyes, small lips and decorated cheeks. She loves to decorate her paintings because she hates the feeling of emptiness. 

Since Talitha was a kid, she has tried many mediums such as crayon, pastel, pencil colour, oil and acrylic before she finds the satisfaction feeling when she starts using watercolour. The feeling of excitement when the paints mixing on its own, creating unexpected beautiful results is what has lead her grow to love watercolour.

She has become more active in the art scene since 2015. Her work, ‘Earth Spirit’ was chosen for the International Watercolor Society (IWS) Indonesia Open-call for artist for Lovee@rth Exhibition in Indonesia, which was held at National Gallery of Indonesia and Bentara Budaya, Bali. She was also chosen to participate in the Watercolour Artists 20m live painting on the opening of the Lovee@rth Exhibition.



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