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Lindakaroliina is a freelance illustrator and independent creative born and raised in coastal Finland. She’s currently living, studying and working in Berlin, Germany.

After receiving her BA degree in Art Studies from the University of Turku, Finland, she worked seven years in advertising agencies in Helsinki as a copywriter and concept designer. Contrasting the studies of media theories, art philosophy and digital cultures, those years taught her the best and the hardest about creative process, team play, deadlines, communication and presentation skills, pitching for new business, winning (and not winning) awards, coming up with new ideas every single day, reinventing the wheel, trusting the gut feeling, succeeding and failing—enjoying all the highs and lows of the thrilling roller coaster ride. 

One murky Autumn night in Helsinki, Finland, she realized she wanted more, and since art and illustration was always a part of her original plan, she decided to move to Berlin to study and explore new ways of storytelling.
She will graduate from the Akademie Für Illustration und Design Berlin
in 2018. 

As an illustrator, Lindakaroliina is best recognized for her reduced style that she uses in her flat & layered digital creations, goofy characters, intuitive patterns, ink drawings, and paper cutouts. The corners of her imagination shift from happy go lucky to dark scenarios, from traveling experiences and childhood memories to intuition, subconscious and surreality. She’s greatly in love with early rubber hose animation of the 1920’s and 30’s; jugend, art nouveu, and art deco motives, as well as landscapes such as the ones by Moebius and ukiyo-e artists.

She still comes up with new ideas every single day, and if she could, she’d melt the clocks like Dali and make all those ideas happen in one night.

If not hands-on busy with a creative project, you will probably meet her cooking something complicated, jogging in the rain, or singing a song out of tune. On purpose.



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