Lexi Li Jiayun


Lexi Li is a visual artist currently based in Singapore, who mainly practices illustration and graphic design. Her interests are primarily focused on combining hand drawn art with digital painting and hand written typography, creating unique and intriguing artworks that inspires its viewers.

“Creating art creates more art.” A philosophy that Lexi lives by, and it means that the world is never short on inspiration. She believes that even in the process of creating art, it will create a cycle of inspiration that creates more art. Lexi’s path through the visual art landscape has always been greatly influenced by pop art, with its sharp colour contrasts, and bold shapes. But as bold and modern pop art is, Lexi never forgets her core art foundations, which has always been a guideline she always follows. Lexi likes to explore and draw from other facets of art such as architecture and fashion, combining them together with elements of her day to day life, reflecting the perspective she has.

In addition to her own visual art career, Lexi has also been working as a art director, art consultant and graphic designer for different companies in Singapore. She has previously worked on roles in international companies such as IKEA, following the completion of her degree in visual communication and graphic design in Australia, from the Edith Cowan University, in 2012.

Between 2012 and now, Lexi has worked on countless visual art projects with companies such as company re branding, graphic artwork, and social media marketing. Lexi has also cofounded a studio in Singapore called
Le Luminary Graphics.



Email Address: le_luminary_graphics@email.com

Website: le-luminary.com

FACEBOOK: /leluminarygraphics/ 

Instagram: @leluminarygraphics