Ksenya Knysh


Ksenya Knysh is a practicing freelance illustrator who graduated from the NUS (National University of Shipbuilding), specialty interior design in Mykolaiv, Ukraine and now resides in Sevastopol, Russia.

Her medium of choice is predominantly watercolor and her works are commissioned largely for book covers, magazine editorials and advertising.

“In my works I always try to focus on showing my feelings, emotions throughout the human characters. Watercolor gives me a chance to share it with viewers through the colors, shape or a little line on white paper. I hope that you can feel and find something for yourself in my illustrations”



Email Address: knysh.ksenya@gmail.com

Website: behance.net/knyshk326656d

FACEBOOK: /ksenya.knysh 

Instagram: @lknysh_ksenya