Kimberly Larmond aka “Kimber”


Kimber has been drawing and illustrating since her first box of crayons.
She has always been an artist even from a young age, with slight variations: A painter, a cartoonist, an animator, a sculptor, a graphic designer and an illustrator. After graduating from a secondary school specializing in the arts she attended Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, where she received a diploma in graphic design.

She has been employed in a creative capacity for her entire career, with her most recent position being a designer with a progressive studio in Guelph, Ontario, putting her artistic talents to work for a number of different clients. 

At night, she freelances and satisfies her creative needs with commissioned illustrations of varied subjects. She’s on equal ground creating both hand-made traditional and digital illustrations. Kimber is most comfortable in Adobe Illustrator, followed by Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Her art is reflective of what inspires her most: animals, fantasy and horror subject matter, and the motorcycle lifestyle.

She is available for commission by contacting her directly through her website.



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Twitter: @kimberart


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