Kiall Thomas Bedward


Kiall Thomas Bedward is an upcoming visual and product designer.

From drawing with a pencil on paper at age 5, I now find myself in front of a laptop with a graphics tablet and pen. How times have changed. Although the feeling of expression is still the same. 

A lot of my early work has been celebrity vector portraits which created the foundation to develop the level of my abilities quickly. 

Influences on my current work are mainly from my interest in Anime and Japanese culture, which had an impact on a lot of my work whilst completing my Product Design degree at Nottingham Trent University. 

The hope with my art is to seamlessly join a successful design team and effectively communicate ideas through all of my work. The dream would be to develop my name as a brand and become a world renown designer across multiple platforms and disciplines. 



Email Address:

Twitter: @Kbedward

Instagram: @OKBdesigns

Facebook: okbdesigns