Katharina Pinter


"After being exposed to amazing illustrations and paintings through social media and the internet, I was inspired to join in and create and share art myself.

For the most part I have taught myself how to paint and draw and will continue to do so, since art school didn’t accept me. I am a recent graduate of a high school that has a focus on animation, film and design.

My medium of choice is oil paint, it wasn’t until I started working with oils, that I’ve fallen in love with art and painting completely. Over the course of the past year or so I have started to expand my skillset by experimenting with different media such as: watercolours, pencils and gouache which have become my favourites and I come back to them whenever I need a short break from oils.

After garnering some experiences with exhibiting my work in Miami and Portugal, I have become absolutely sure the art world and business is my place to be. 

While art sure is self-expression, I have realised that it has become more of a getaway for me. Whenever I need to escape whatever is going on in my life or in this world, I can count on art to be my safe place. I hope my art can be that place for other people also."


Website: kathipinter.tumblr.com
Email: katha_pinter@yahoo.de
Instagram: @kathipinter
Twitter: @kathipinterart