Karina Rehrbehn


I am Karina Rehrbehn, an illustrator and comic artist based in Hamburg, Germany. I completed my studies in illustration and design from BILDKUNST AKADEMIE HAMBURG in 2014. I draw inspiration from the work of Don Lawrence, science fiction, horror, and one of my favorites, Tank Girl. I like to explore and find beauty in the macabre and in unconventional subjects. I find it’s important to draw what makes me smile and laugh because I hope to make my viewer feel the same joys as I do. I want to be honest with my work and to myself. What I strive for is to bring to people what is deemed “ugly” or weird and make it a colorful mess that can be embraced by all.



Email Address: karina.rehrbehn@web.de

Website: karinarehrbehn.com

Instagram: @karinarehrbehn