Kajsa Råsten


Kajsa is an illustrator, animator and storyteller from Sweden. 

Growing up in a beautiful archipelagic town, just outside of Stockholm, she developed a love for sailboats and seagulls at an early age. She loved telling stories even as a child and as she got older, started expressing them through her art. 

For her, every illustration is a chance to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity, inviting the viewer to contemplate upon the narrative told by the composition.

To her, art is a way to express thoughts, passions and feelings, in a way that words cannot. She believes that the best way to improve one’s skills is to observe the world around you, savouring its many unique sensations and nuances. “I feel it’s important to try new things and to let myself be inspired by my surroundings. Anything that catches my eye or makes me feel something can be the catalyst for a new piece”, she says. Because of this, Kajsa’s work often differs from piece to piece, instead of specialising in only one style. “I love playing with soft light and bright colours all while letting playful textures give the finished artwork a unique look” she says, continuing “being able to convey a particular thought or feeling through my art is a wonderful sensation and I’m always striving to get better at that kind of communication”.

Today Kajsa works at a creative studio, creating both illustrations and animations, as well as freelancing for various clients all over the world. 


Website: kajsarasten.com
Email: Kajsa.rasten@gmail.com
Instagram: @kajsarasten_art
Facebook: @kajsarasten.art