Julien Missaire


Julien Missaire AKA Corsac, is a graphic designer and illustrator currently living and working in Belgium.

“My entry into graphic design came via the online marketplace and creative community, Threadless. I discovered the works of designers such as Eric Zelinski, Florent Bodart
and Matheus Lopes. It was these designers that inspired me to begin creating my
own product line to sell via online marketplaces and to connect with other designers selling on these platforms. I find great satisfaction in someone admiring my designs to the point that they would wear it on a T-shirt, bag or hang a print of my artwork on their wall."

Julien is currently expanding his product line and developing skillset undertaking courses in coding along with 3D modelling and animation.


Website: cors.ac
Email: contact@cors.ac 
INSTAGRAM: @c0rsac
Facebook: /c0rsac