Joe Cooper


Joe Cooper was born in Barnsley, England in 1993. He works primarily with digital based media on projects which make their way to print. Joe was first introduced to the world of design in secondary school where he studied Graphic Design at GCSE’s level in 2009.  His interest in Design flourished and Joe went on to complete a two year BA (HONS) diploma at Wakefield College and then onto the University of Derby to undertake a four year Masters degree in Graphic Design, which he successfully completed in 2015. Progressing through his Masters, Joe began to develop an idea which started life as his final major project in college. The idea today is known as Toon Grafix. What initially started life as a hobby, something which Joe was passionate about doing in his spare time, has over the past two to three years earned him a following with his viewers requesting commissions of their pride and joys. 

Toon Grafix is a digital to print service whereby Joe uploads an image of a customers automobile into vector based software and creates a cartoonist copy. Through the power of social media, being able to take his work and make it public has built up a following which continues to grow. Social media has been a great tool for Joe as it has allowed him to collaborate with other creatives. Being able to apply his skills learnt in education, his work is constantly changing and developing as inspiration takes over for future projects.



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Instagram: @toongrafix12