Joaquin Noah Cuesta Wolf


Growing up in a family of art lovers, it was always an easy task to find a connection to brilliant artists of all sorts. Be it classical music or renaissance paintings, I have been shown everything and was always free to think what I want. I was given paper and pencils very early in life and used the past 21 years on learning how to use them in my favour. After loving the art courses in school, I decided to study graphic design to find a way to combine art with making money. I always experimented with all kinds of materials. I have experience working with wood, paper, ink of any kind, marble, concrete, pottery, copper: Anything I can get my hands on and can find the right tools to work it, is a potential new material playground for my creations. My main inspirations are the people around me (big city humans preferred), nature, street wear, haute couture and New York City. I would love to find a way to visually change people’s minds, to make them more tolerant and brave to face problems. If there is a way, I’ll try my best to find it. To cite The North Face: “Never stop exploring”.



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Instagram: @noirgraphics