Jimmy Lam


Born in 1989 in Hong Kong, Jimmy Lam was brought up in England and further pursued a Masters of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since 2015, Lam has worked on various personal projects on graphite pencil drawings beyond pursuing his career as a Designer. 

Lam’s education and career background have equipped him as a self-taught artist. He draws inspirations from the paradox of human perseverance that oscillates with social norms, subjects and memorable quotes, reinterpreting them to narrate stories in real-life encounters and personal experiences. His methods characteristically involve multidisciplinary incorporation of design aesthetics and digital mediums into traditional drawing practices. Attentive and articulated with prudence, Lam’s work demonstrates fluidic details, yet retaining a graphical aspect that bisects minimalistic, clean and bold visual finishes. His work draws on the subtle dynamics from facial features, portraying an image of unity between strength and harmony under the shades of his craft.



Email Address: jimmylamkk@gmail.com

Website: behance.net/jimmylamkk

Instagram: @jummylamb