Jens Haubek


Jens Haubek is a self-taught danish artist and illustrator living in Copenhagen.  

As a child he drew a lot, but when the teenage years hit him, the electric guitar outperformed the drawings. Later on he became a tv-producer and photographer, but the pencils and colors were calling from a place deep down. Finally at the age of 46 Jens left the TV industry and went back to the pen, paper and canvas.

His work consist of drawings and paintings. Inspired by his own daily life and the human conditions, the idiosyncrasy and self limiting behavior we humans cast upon our selves, Jens portrays with compassion and a humor his fellowmen and him self often with an absurd expression. I cannot paint the world, as it is, but as I see it, Jens says. My goal is to paint my feeling or the atmosphere or mood I experience. Humor and love is important ingredients in his way of working. I like to see the craziness and rigidity in the perfect and the absolute beauty in the imperfect.

His works are a mixture of materials. Watercolor, oil sticks, charcoal, acrylics, ink, beetroot juice, strong coffee etc. If it can make a mark, he can use it.

Jens is working on illustrations for several children’s books of his own, besides working with other authors.

The electric guitar is still in the house and music is an important part of Jens’s work and expression.



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