Jayesh Sivan


Jayesh Sivan is an illustrator based out of Southern India. He holds a Master’s degree in Illustration from the University for The Creative Arts, Farnham, U.K. Prior to his post-graduation, he had worked as an illustrator and graphic designer with many reputed design studios.

Jayesh has been drawing ever since he could remember. However, his artistic journey truly began during his pre-graduation days at the Fine Arts College, Trivandrum, Kerala (India). His work draws inspiration from his childhood that was steeped in nature. Recollections of his childhood and abundance of nature are some recurring themes in his illustrations.

Experimenting with different mediums, Jayesh’s aim has been to keep his work as expressive as possible. He is careful that digital technology does not completely dominate his instinctual drawing skills. He moves simultaneously between techniques such as ink-brush drawings and mono printing while digital medium plays a role only at completion. This helps him achieve spontaneity and maintain naturalness in the illustrations he produces.


Website: jayeshsivan.in
Email: jcreatia@gmail.com
Instagram: @jayesh_sivan