Jay Wortham


Jay Wortham’s biggest artistic influence has always been music, even though he’s always viewed himself as an illustrator and writer, the biggest influence being the musician, Prince. Prince’s music has always created images in his mind, and since he’s not musically talented, he opted to put those images on paper.

His digital style is very raw, and driven by the music he listens to as he creates it. He dreams of worlds, and lets the music push those dreams into reality.

Now the push is on to get his voice out. His inspiration, Prince, passed on unexpectedly and that has sent him a very clear message that time is precious and life is shorter than any of us can hope. He recognises that it is time for him to be the artist he’s always dreamt he should be.



Email Address: jay@dasworthamart.com

Website: dasworthamart.com

FACEBOOK: Daswortham Art 

Instagram: @daswortham

Twitter: @worthamJay