Jasmine Bjurström


“I draw because I live to make art - just like we breathe to live, I draw to live. The people around me inspire me to look inside of myself and make me want to express what I feel and think. Art for me is a quick ticket to get away from my own reality or to meet someone else’s reality. To me, the core of art is not about making it prefect and fully understandable, but to enjoy and finish it.” – Jasmine’s artistic philosophy.

Jasmine’s mother always encouraged her to work on her art and cheers her on every day. With her mother’s support, Jasmine dared to focus fully on her art and chose to go to a high school with art as a main subject. At the school, Jasmine had two artists as teachers, one who taught her the passion of art and how to love it. Whereas the other one taught her not to take it too seriously, but to let it happen through having fun. In her class, she met her to-be best friend artist whom she competed with a lot and helped her to grow as an artist.

After graduation from high school she went to university to study digital comics. About ten years earlier she used to take classes after school during a couple of months on how to draw comics and manga.

In the winter of 2015 she arranged a non-school related art exhibition, which she invited her classmates to join. A couple of months later, during the spring 2016 she and her class had a large art exhibition at the city’s museum, arranged by the school and the museum. During this time, she arranged comic workshops and illustrated posters for the local theatre as well. At the time being 2016/2017 she’s working as an illustrator at a newspaper in Stockholm.

Something Jasmine lives by when it comes to art, is to not aim for each creation to be a master piece. She thinks that if we apply too much pressure to ourselves, it’ll kill the joy and pleasure of making it. Her best tip to those who create and want to create art is to relax and just finish. Without any expectations, it can’t be anything but marvelous. 

Before drawing anything important, like a commission, she warms up by doodling random things for an hour or by drawing some anatomical sketches. This is to warm up her fingers, wrist, and arm and to let her be more relaxed when drawing when the pressure is on.

Jasmine wants to inspire people to dare to create art and for them to give it a chance. Art has been a lifesaving gift to her and she wants to share this with people.



Email Address:  jasmine.bjurstrom@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: Aquarellique 

Instagram: @aquarelliquee