Janet Johnson


Janet Johnson is a practicing illustrator and artists from Greenville, South Carolina. Her artwork began as a child, with a pile of magic markers and a stack of copy paper on her grandmother’s kitchen table, feverishly scribbling doodles of barbies and zoo animals, mindlessly staining both the wood table and her fingers. Janet has since participated in artist programs at the Greenville County Museum of Art and the Fine Arts Center in Wade Hampton, South Carolina, working with a wide range of mediums, such as paint, charcoal, pottery, and even needle and thread. Janet’s primary inspiration to began illustrating came from her many years on social media website Tumblr, where she was able to explore a vast network of inspiration from all channels, such as music, photography, and visual art. From Tumblr she crossed over to the social media app Instagram, creating her page @waxbabeart and posting her illustrations. Despite working with a wide range of mediums since her childhood, Janet has since returned to classic copy paper and pen, working mainly as an illustrator/ “doodler”. Her creative process, more often than not, begins with doodling on her notes during class. Flipping through old sketches from class notes, she then re-draws the illustrations on standard printer paper, and uses only her Iphone camera to capture and post them on social media. Janet’s work features inspiration from a wide range of art styles, such as Bratz, Polly Nor, Disney, Quentin Blake, Tim Burton, Naisa Gomez and Sara Duarte. Her illustrations mainly center around a slightly skewed, more fantastical depiction of young adult life and social media,  attempting to accompany the modern millennial-made technological age with a timeless artistic perception relatable to all demographics. 



Email Address:  janetjohnson527@gmail.com

Website: waxbabe.tumblr.com

Instagram: @waxbabeart