James Art Ville


James Art Ville is a freelance graphic designer and digital illustrator. His love for art began when he was four years old, drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As an adult, James continues to draw heroes for children and adults. From book covers to children’s books, most of his work is done from home where he can be close to his wife, Shiloh, and their four children.

Raising Dragons is his first published graphic novel. He looks forward to illustrating many more comics, either adaptations or his own stories. His favorite comic book artists include Scott McCloud, Art Spiegelman, Ken Akamatsu, and Akira Himekawa.



Email Address: james@hallowstatum.com

Website: jamesartville.com

FACEBOOK: /jamesartville 

Instagram: @jamesartville

Twitter: @jamesartville