Jairo Alzate


Jairo Alzate is a Colombian designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. He has not been in the digital art scene long, but he has already made an impression with his work. In 2014 he was nominated to a Premio Lápiz de Acero in the field of digital design for the creation of his website.

Jairo finished his major in graphic design at Colegiatura Colombiana de Diseño in Medellín in early 2015. However, his professional career started a year before while working as a designer at the communication department of GVB, a design agency based in Medellín. Subsequently, he was hired as a teacher of animation and research in the same university he studied, while also being part of the university’s own creative board.

Every now and then Jairo works on projects where he can experiment with different materials and techniques such as photography, illustration, 3-D and 2-D software and animation. Since a young age he has been interested in horror movies, grotesque images and all the things that people generally catalog as weird or different. Therefore, some of his projects tend to be quite dark or gruesome. Nevertheless, when he works with vector graphics he tends to use them as a tool to construct clean compositions, mixing the context with the creation of simplified images, the use of typographic contrasts and vibrant colors to create dynamic images, which captures the observer’s attention. The concept of his designs revolves around the grotesque aesthetic, but is graphically managed in such a way that it becomes pleasing to the eye.



Email Address: bustaalzate@hotmail.com

Website:  jairoalzate.com

Twitter: @BustaAlzate

Instagram: @bustaalzate

Facebook: /JairoAlzateDesign/