Jaakko Mehtälä


Jaakko Mehtälä is a Finnish digital artist. He started in 2003 as a graphic designer but over the years has focused more and more on illustrations and digital art.

He has worked with many kinds of design projects, including visual identities, illustrations and mobile game designs. However, his greatest passion is vector illustration and character design. 

In 1999 — while studying graphic design — Jaakko started to use creative tools like Photoshop and Freehand. Finding those digital tools was a pivotal moment in his career: he found the endless opportunities to try out different colours and techniques so much fun that digital art became his sole modus operandi.

Jaakko’s influences come from 80’s pop culture aesthetics. His love of comics, action figures, movies and games runs strong and deep. Bold colours, strong contrasts, crazy colour combinations and exaggeration are key elements of his art.

He describes his work as everyday art: game designs, book illustrations and product packaging — stuff people use in their daily life. Jaakko’s mission as a digital artist is to fight against the banal and mundane in everyday life.



Email Address: jaakko.mehtala@me.com

Website:  kuvituskonttori.com

Twitter: @JaakkoMehtala

Instagram: @jaakkomehtala