Irene Pérez


Myths, rituals, animals, plants, insects, flowers and magical environments live in the illustrations of Irene Pérez.

A life of travels has taken her to experience different cultures in Mexico, Cuba, Indonesia and Thailand. There she developed a multicultural and eclectic world view perspective. These experiences are reflected in her works using iconography from different cultures and through her unique use of color and textures.

She finds inspiration in Latin American and Asian cultures but literature, cinema and music are frequent key elements in her work.

Growing up in the Mediterranean Sea between Ibiza and Castellón (Spain), Irene started to develop her artistic personality and studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. After this period, she worked in different design and advertising agencies and also as a freelancer.

Currently, Irene is based in Barcelona working on projects ranging from her personal art to illustration and design projects requested by a diverse range of clients.


Instagram: @ireneperez_illustration