Inês da Silva Caramelo


Place of birth: Azores, São Miguel, Ponta Delgada.

Currently living in: Lisbon.

Train, bus, bike, or other: Train. I like the feeling of the train rails underneath and looking at the view through the window.

What’s the most important object in your studio? A 2B pencil, to sketch ideas.

Paper or plastic? Paper, love to discover new kinds of paper, and feel their texture.

Favourite project you have produced so far? It would be my masters degree final project, it was a book with many experiences about my own identity.

What are you working on right now? I’m currently working on a project about the Oscar season in Portugal. 

Favourite food? Chocolate, more specifically dark chocolate. Too bad it gives me a bad case of acne. 

Coffee or tea? That’s a really hard question, I love the smell of coffee in the morning but I really like the feeling of my cold hands on a fresh brewed tea cup, and the calmness that accompanies it.

What’s your earliest creative memory? Trying to draw one of my moms plants, maybe.

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? Listening to Broadway songs and pretending that I can sing.



Email Address:

FACEBOOK: /strangecaramel/

Instagram: @inescaramel