Igor Lichterman


Igor Lichterman is the sole founder of Lichterman studio for art.

Inside his studio, Igor combines traditional creative methods and techniques with new technologies in order to materialise a unique vision and illustrative style. "I start from the absolute basics, a paper and a pencil, my work grows more complex and precise until it reaches the point to when it conveys an extremely focused message." 

"As a child, I found the world overwhelmingly stunning, and felt an irresistible urge to visualize my experience for everyone to witness. This habit has followed me into adulthood and the world around me has never ceased from providing me with inspiration."

"Through my art, I am constantly searching for the answers to life’s greatest mysteries." While this quest will never be completed, Igor’s art reveals that in some cases, our journey is much more interesting than simply the bottom line, and circles around the exploration of human relationships, the paradox of right versus wrong and the range of human emotion.

Igor is strategic in his approach to his client based work, developing exciting visual language and solutions for all his clients. Igor Lichterman’s art and illsutration has been used in a vast range of applications. From a collector’s limited edition OCB rolling papers to cover design and illustration for novels or even a child’s fairy tale story book. 

"I look at art and see life, just as I look at life and see art. And like life, art is ever-changing, always evolving and exciting new thoughts, new meanings and new points of view."


Website: studiolichterman.compinterest.com/studiolichterma/
Email: yulialch@outlook.com
Facebook: @studio lichterman